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The Wellbeing Hub

Officially opened in March 2022, the Wellbeing Hub has subsequently become an integral part of school life and an essential component of many pupil’s Warwick School education.

The Wellbeing Hub is available to students at any point during the school day and is predominately staffed by the Senior Mental Health Lead. The Wellbeing Hub offers emotional first aid to pupils if a situation arises that they need support with – it is a safe space students know they can go if they need help. The Hub also houses therapy rooms where pupils can access professional support from a range of different disciplines. The Wellbeing Hub and mental health lead work closely and collaboratively with the Head of Academic Support and SEND, to ensure pupils’ emotional and academic needs are being met.

Sit, Relax, Socialise

The Wellbeing Hub is a unique space in Warwick School. The Hub was designed to have a feel and atmosphere that is calm, relaxed and homely. Pupils can spent time relaxing and chatting on our sofa area in the main room. There are games and activites; Lego, colouring, chess, cards, which can be used as calming activities for self-regulation, or social activities to form connections with peers. During the lunch hour, Peer Mentors and Wellbeing Ambassadors (members of the pupil body who have had additional training in peer support, listening skills and mental health support) are available to offer a listening ear to their peers, or to support the development of social skills and friendships.

The Kitchen Area

Access to the kitchen space reinforces the feeling that the Hub is a homely and comfortable space. When pupils come to the Hub in need of emotional first aid, having a warm drink or glass of squash, or a biscuit to eat, can help pupils to feel comfortable and cared for.

Working/meeting area

Although the Hub is not a designated working space, there are times when students might need to use the Wellbeing Hub for private study sessions or to complete pieces of work. There is also plenty of meeting space for Pupil Voice meetings during the lunch hour, or pastoral committee meetings.

 The Therapy Rooms

The Wellbeing Hub has 2 private therapy rooms, in which our external professionals can meet with students to offer 1:1 support. The ‘Beach Room’ and the ‘Mountain Room’ offer pupils a calm, relaxing space to have support sessions. We have a range of professionals who come to work with our pupils, including a counsellor, life coach, educational psychologist, and specialist dietician. Pupils can self-refer to the Wellbeing Hub for support or can be referred by staff or adults at home.

The Multi-Faith Prayer Room

Warwick School has a beautiful Chapel that pupils can visit during the school day. However, it’s important that we provide space for all pupils to take time for prayer and spiritual reflection. The Multi-Faith Prayer room is situated in the Wellbeing Hub and is accessible to pupils all day. It offers a private space for pupils to pray, with access to bathroom facilities nearby and prayer mats available for pupils to use.

The Sensory Space

Though the Wellbeing Hub is always a calm setting, there are times when pupils need an even safer, quieter space. The sensory space offers pupils a low stimulus environment that they can use to calm and self-regulate if they have become overwhelmed or are dealing with a significant and unmanageable amount of input. The décor and lighting have been designed to be relaxing and unobtrusive, with the option of further lowering the lights and just focusing on the bubble tube or star projector in the space until the pupil feels more regulated and able to manage in the main Hub environment.