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Ironstone Open Exhibition

The opening night of the Ironstone Exhibition at Banbury Museum provided a great opportunity for some of our GCSE and A Level students to display their talents

After two rounds of selection, four of our boys managed to have their work chosen for display as well as Mr Snatt and Mr Ramsay.

Giosue Larucci had one of his sumptuous seascapes chosen showing a lovely control of tone and fluid brushwork. Oliver Davies entered his view of mountains, conveying great drama with his use of light and thick expressive brushwork. Edson Dibble showed a tightly composed close up of a scrunched-up face. His technique used a broader style and more abstract colour scheme.

The nights winner was however Charlie Bray who scooped the Under 21 prize with his view of the Grand Canyon. It was the clear, crisp painting and broad open vista that the judges liked combined with a subtle use of tones and understanding of the effects of light in nature.

Well done to all involved; it was a great experience for the boys to see their work displayed alongside other artists in such a professional manner.

The works will be displayed at the exhibition at Banbury Museum from 25 January – 5 March, 2020.