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Well-Being Column

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  • Remembering the Good Things

    Published 17/09/20

    As we start a new academic year, I’m reflecting on the aims I had at the beginning of the calendar year, in January 2020. Those of you who follow this blog will know that I take time out to reflect on my life from time to time and consider how my life is going - where to next? Ha! If only I had the gift of foresight!

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  • A Journey of Sadness and of Hope

    Published 01/07/20

    Isn’t this a wonderful picture? It was entered into our Wellbeing Competition by Isaac Turner, but somehow it failed to arrive. Thanks to Isaac’s form tutor, Mr Walker for pursuing what had happened to it and to Isaac for giving his permission to use it here. I’m so glad it arrived in the end!

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  • Expecting the Unexpected

    Published 17/06/20

    Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths.......

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  • Aiming for Lower (Simpler) Things?

    Published 04/06/20

    So here we are beginning to come out of lockdown -  though I am sure for many of us it doesn’t feel much different because children and young people are still at home!

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  • Corona Virus Demons!

    Published 12/05/20

    Last night, my demons got me! What me? Demons?! But I’m a counsellor! Surely all my demons are dealt with? 

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  • Corona!

    Published 02/04/20

    I’m writing this from home on another stunning Spring morning. What a bizarre time this is, so uncertain and yet full of unexpected beauty! After many months of trudging through mud with my dog, Rosa, we are suddenly enjoying the best Spring weather I’ve experienced in years. 

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  • Staying Motivated

    Published 06/03/20

    Does this school remind you of somewhere rather close to home?! In fact, it’s Cheadle Hulme School, the secondary school that I attended. Back in the day, I was on a free place, funded by Stockport Council because it was a ‘direct grant’ school. 

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  • Listening

    Published 13/02/20

    ‘You’re not LISTENING!’ 

    How many times have we heard that frustrated cry? 

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  • Living a different story

    Published 16/01/20

    Shortly before the end of last term, I took a day off work. The reason? A bad cold. I probably could have staggered into work and pretended I was doing a decent job, but the truth is, each counselling session takes fifty minutes of intense concentration and the fug of a cold really interferes with the process.

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  • The Inner Child

    Published 28/11/19

    Losing a parent when you are young is, inevitably, sad and difficult. Sad but not inevitable is feeling that our parents are absent when they are actually still with us.

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  • Living in Two Homes

    Published 14/11/19

    "Let me share something personal with you: I live in two different places!"

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  • Flexibility for Resilience?

    Published 03/10/19

    I had a proud mother moment at the weekend. I went to Oslo to the launch of the Oslo Triennale Architecture Festival, which my oldest son is co-curating with three other young architects. This is the son of whom I nearly despaired when he was a teenager – he was not sure of what he wanted, and we often found it hard to communicate. So, if you are having a trying time with your teenager – take heart…It can get better!

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