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Well-Being Column

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  • The Uninvited Guests from the Unremembered Past?

    Published 15/05/19

    ‘You’ve made your bed so you’ll have to lie in it.’ ‘Life isn’t a bed of roses’.

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  • Nature Deficit Disorder

    Published 26/04/19

    Not just another medical term, but a phrase coined by Richard Louv to describe the fact that people, and particularly children, are spending less and less time in direct contact with the natural world.

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  • Sharing what helps...

    Published 29/03/19

    Have you heard of Sara Bareilles? She’s currently getting plaudits for the music for the West End show ‘Waitress’ but I wouldn’t have noticed that if I hadn’t been introduced to her work by one of my young clients. He shared with me her song ‘Brave’ which was inspiring him at the time and which has inspired me ever since, both the music and the official video. I’m sure it’ll be only too obvious why I like it! Watch and listen here:

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  • Meaning and Purpose Matter

    Published 15/03/19

    The search for meaning appears to be at the heart of being human.  Is there any parent who has not fended off the repeated question “but why…?”. From our time as young children we have tried to make sense of the world, and throughout our lives we search for meaning in the events that happen to us and around us.

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  • Materialism

    Published 28/02/19

    ‘How much does your dad earn?’ ‘What sort of car does your mum drive?’

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  • Kindness Pass It On

    Published 13/02/19

    Sunday, 17 February is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

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  • Be Kind

    Published 07/02/19

    Exactly one year ago we started this blog – as an act of kindness to our community; to encourage us all to think about the wellbeing of ourselves and our families.  

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  • Go-Getter or Go-Giver?

    Published 23/01/19

    I read a great book recently – ‘Thrive’ by Ariana Huffington, the founder of ‘The Huffington Post’.

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  • Creatures of Paradox and Glory

    Published 11/01/19

    a mass of contradictions ... a paradox ... my life, your life, each of our lives.  And just how do we live with this mass of contradictions?

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  • Light up the dark months

    Published 06/12/18

    These are dark and uncertain times for all of us. This particular December day is not exactly helping! In terms of our own and our children’s well-being, it’s important to be aware that both literal and metaphorical darkness have their effect. 

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  • Be kind to yourself

    Published 16/11/18

    A neuroscientist and a Buddhist monk discuss the role of compassion in mental health. No, this isn’t the start of an unusual joke, it’s a very helpful book called Mindful Compassion by Paul Gilbert & Choden.

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  • Creating Self-Esteem

    Published 17/10/18

    What is the typical Warwick boy like? Creative? Curious? Confident?

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