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A Day in the Life

Well-Being 8 February

Welcome to our new Wellbeing column! Meg Harper, Head of Counselling and Revd Hewitt, Head of Wellbeing, hope to bring you insights into Wellbeing, for both you and your children, together with occasional guest writers.

We're starting with a link to a TED talk on the famous Harvard Longitudinal Study of Happiness. In his opening words, Rob Wallenger tells us that 80% of Millennials want to get rich and that 50% of that 80% want to be famous. I see many boys who share those wishes, or at least, believe that is what is expected of them! And when they come to see me, they're not exactly happy.

They often hope that the stellar achievements of their future will make them happy and the cost of that is their unhappiness now.

But are they right? This uplifting but challenging talk suggests that it’s something very different which, ultimately, will add most to our well-being and happiness and which would be good to invest time and energy in now, despite exams looming!