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Young Enterprise Update

Warwick School and King's High School have begun their 'Young Enterprise' campaigns, showcasing their companies and products.

The Lower Sixth Form pupils are given the opportunity to create innovative ideas and, through the Young Enterprise scheme, setup companies to develop and market their companies, which gives them an insight into the setting up and running of a real company.

This year 'Company Cura', 'Earth+' and 'Endure' held a ‘showcasing’ of their companies and products at Morrisons on Saturday (February 29).

Company Cura will be showing how, by using QR codes, customers and companies can help those suffering from food allergies can see if the product they are about to eat contains any ingredients that they are allergic too. Both businesses and public have the opportunity to see how the system works.

Earth+ are environment orientated and have created an illustrated storybook for young people. They have created and designed a range of characters, which, is an ideal story book for young children. The storybook was on sale.

Endure are aiming to get youngsters to begin healthy cooking. They have designed a kit containing a ‘five-a-day’ printed apron complete with a small wooden spoon and specially created recipes that are easy to cook. The apron set was on sale.

These three teams were at the local ‘trade fair’ in the Royal Priors Shopping Centre on March 7, where they continued to extend their business and sales skills.

Coming up is the Company of the Year competition, currently due to take place on 30 April at SECO tools, Alcester. The winning company from this stage goes onto the West Midlands finals.

Good luck to all three teams.