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A Day in the Life


At Warwick it is our aim to maximise every pupil’s academic potential. While our curriculum is broad and encompassing of a full range of subjects and our examinations results consistently place us among the leading boys’ schools in the country, we recognise that to be successful requires our pupils to develop as learners.

To facilitate their learning, at whatever stage of their Warwick School career, all pupils are encouraged to adopt the school’s learning values. These values are more than just a set of words. They represent a learning philosophy that if followed, will not only lead to academic success at school but also provide the foundations for success at university and the wider world. The education is provided by employing the highest quality staff, alongside outstanding facilities and resources.

The curriculum is designed to provide an extensive range of subject options and many different learning experiences and is consistently updated. Conferences, visits, university links and extensive use of the library and ICT facilities all extend educational horizons.

The vast majority of our boys go on to elite universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. This year (Jan 2019) we had 11 boys receiving offers for Oxford or Cambridge.

Exam Results 2019

A Level

Warwick School students are once again celebrating another excellent year of A-level results, with 48% of all grades achieved at A*-A, and 76% of grades achieved at A*-B.

Twelve boys achieved three or more A* grades, five of whom achieved 4 A*. This year’s high achievers were Frank Fan, William Feasey, Zakary Milstein, George Holding and David Yates, who all achieved 4 A* grades. Michael Cox, Thomas Draper, William Lodge, Rishab Mohan, Frank Pan, Max Taylor and Michael Wen all achieved 3 A* grades. In total, 50 boys achieved 3 or more grades at A*-A.


Warwick School are once again delighted to share the excellent GCSE results achieved by the class of 2019. 66% of the grades were awarded at A*/A (9-7 in the new system), with 85% at A* - B (9-6).

Eight boys achieved an impressive 10 A* grades or equivalent: Rupert Bottomley-Matts, Timothy Briggs, Young Ha Chun, William Foster, Joshua Hill, Freddie Keays, William Knights and Archie McCusker, with a further 30 boys achieving a clean sweep of grades A* - A or equivalent.