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Covid-Safe Charter

The Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) has introduced a BSA Covid-Safe Charter to help guide schools and inform boarders and parents in their preparations for reopening schools.

Schools which have adopted the charter confirm that they will comply with all government rules and guidance and will meet certain requirements when their boarding houses reopen.

Warwick School has adopted the BSA Covid-Safe Charter, please access documents at the bottom of this page.

Boarding at Warwick offers boys very high standards of pastoral care, a rich experience of community living in a stimulating environment which helps boarders to develop academically, physically and emotionally.

Our two boarding houses are based around a family unit of House Parents who are resident with their own children in each house. School House is home to boys from the Year 11 upwards and Way House is home to our Years 9 & 10 boarders.

Boys are encouraged to develop a sensitivity to the needs of others and an understanding of difference and diversity which is invaluable in later life. All our boarders, wherever they are from are encouraged to integrate with the school community.

They are an important part of every aspect of school life from the sports field to the concert hall, from the science laboratory to the Chapel,  the boarders are always involved and playing a leading part in whatever is going on.

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Each new Year 9 and Year 10 boarder is allocated a “buddy”, a day boy from his year group, who he meets on his arrival to the school and who helps him to settle into life here at Warwick. Many boarders and buddies become friends and boarders will be invited to stay at their buddies’ house for Exeat weekends and we have had buddies invited to visit the boarders in Hong Kong. This highly regarded and distinctive community has established itself at the forefront of the school’s academic achievements and many boys enjoy positions of responsibility within the whole school, before going on to first-class university courses and employment. Alongside this our boarders play a key role in the community, supporting local charities and giving their time to support a diverse range of projects and community groups.                                        

New boarders enjoy a full and extensive induction period which begins well before they actually arrive at the school itself. Each new boarding family receives lots of information about the boarding houses, school and life here in general and we organise a presentation by our senior boys in the summer holiday to which all new boys are invited. This is an opportunity for those joining the school to ask current boarders any questions they may have. Upon arrival at Warwick in September the induction period lasts for several days and will include tours of the school from boarding buddies, team building exercises with the new and returning boarders working together, tours of the surrounding area including Warwick town and nearby Leamington Spa. Considerable support is given to them as they adjust to studying in England, and every effort is made to help them settle very quickly into life away from home. Boarders form friendships that last a lifetime and develop the values, skills and good habits that prepare them for adulthood. By following guided routines for homework, meals and bedtimes the boys learn to organise their time and thrive in this busy school where so many events and activities go on into the evenings and weekends. Our specialist tutor team spends quality time with the boys throughout the week providing friendly support, academic advice and a listening ear for those times when things aren’t perhaps going so well. Our matrons and housekeeping staff play a crucial role in providing a genuinely warm, comfortable and welcoming environment for the boarders.

Boarders’ Events and Trips

Our events reflect both the cultural background of our overseas boarders alongside many British traditions. These include the Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival), Bonfire Night, Christmas and Chinese New Year. The Houses work together to put on regular events showcasing the many and varied talents of the boarders. Alongside regular trips locally we organise a wide-ranging programme of excursions further afield, many of which are suggested by our Boarders’ Council. Recent trips have included Brighton, 4 days in Paris and a day trip to Alton Towers. Other activities are arranged at weekends and include Go-Karting, Paint Balling, Laser Quest and shopping trips to Birmingham and Bicester Village. Boarders also have full use of the schools’ fantastic facilities including the swimming pool and indoor sports hall.

The Boarders’ football and basketball teams play regular matches against teams from other boarding schools and are always well supported.

Flexi-Boarding and Weekly Boarding 


Flexible boarding is popular in many UK boarding schools and provides busy families with the opportunity to book their children into boarding for occasional overnight stays.

Warwick School offers this facility, providing day boys from Year 9 upwards with the opportunity to stay in the Boarding House if required. This might be particularly useful for those students who travel a considerable distance and can give them more time for study or co-curricular activities.

Flexi-boarding is also a helpful solution for those pupils whose parents need to travel extensively for work and are away frequently.

Our boarding staff provide excellent pastoral care, supervised prep sessions and support throughout the evening and boarders enjoy access to school facilities including the Sports Centre and instrumental practice rooms at all times.

Weekly Boarding

Warwick offers weekly boarding to boys from Year 9 upwards.

Weekly boarding allows boys to enjoy “the best of both worlds”. Arriving at school on a Monday morning the boys stay in the boarding houses until the end of the school day on Friday when they return home for the weekend.

Popular with pupils who live a long commute from school it does away with the twice daily car, train or bus journey and allows boys and their parents more free time.

Whilst in the houses weekly boarders enjoy all of the same privileges and amenities enjoyed by their full boarding colleagues and in same way expectations are the same for both groups.

Supervised prep sessions take place on a nightly basis and once completed boys are free to take advantage of all of the facilities the school has to offer including, the sports centre, swimming pool, games fields and music facilities. In addition each house has a TV room and a Games Room with full Sky TV and games consoles together with, in School House, a pool table, table tennis and table football.

Most weekly boarders find that they use their study time more productively whilst enjoying the free time and their weekends at home. Parents of weekly boarders enjoy the freedom from the school run, the reassurance that their sons are studying productively and enjoying the use of facilities they would not normally have access to whilst still having them home at the weekends.

If you and your son are interested in weekly boarding at Warwick School please contact our Admissions Team or Mr David Bull our Head of Boarding.

Boys will be provided with a single or twin study bedroom in the Senior Boarding House (School House) or a shared room in the Junior Boarding House (Way House), and are able to enjoy a cooked supper and breakfast. Sky TV, snack preparation facilities, a Games Room with PS3, a Table Tennis and Pool Table are available in the evenings for all boarders. Bathroom facilities are shared but all showers have privacy booths. All bedrooms have wifi and boys have 24 hour access to House Parents if unwell or if they require assistance at any time.

“My son was flexi-boarding from September to December 2014 when I was abroad. While Sam had a really enjoyable time with the boarders we had peace of mind knowing that Sam was in good care of the boarding house parents and teachers. We will definitely recommend this really valuable service." 

Other Benefits

Excellent preparation for independent life at university

Boys enjoy a degree of structured freedom and the opportunity to become more self-sufficient – especially useful in the senior years.

Supervised homework and access to teachers

Boys complete their homework in a safe and effective working environment free from distraction with some subject specific staff on hand to assist if required. Experience has shown that some flexi/occasional boarders may find it easier to work in school than at home

Access to Sports Centre and balanced social opportunities

Boarders have nightly free time which is used for sports and other social/ recreational purposes. This has the potential to maximise their time in school, avoiding ‘dead-time’ and improving well-being and achieving a healthy lifestyle balance.

Flexi-Boarding 2020-2021: £50 per night

All places are subject to availability. Parents need to book directly with Mr Bull in the Boarding House and fees will be added to your termly bill. 

If you would like to find out more about flexi-boarding or to check availability please email Mr Bull, our Head of Boarding:   

Boarding House Staff 

Boarding House Staff

MR D C BULL Head of Boarding
MRS K BULL Assistant Head of Boarding

School House

MR D C BULL & MRS K BULL House Parents
MISS V CARVELL Assistant House Parent

Way House

DR A HODSKINSON Assistant House Parent
MRS S MEHTA Assistant Matron

Boarding Tutors