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Learning Values

Altiora Peto - I seek higher things

Warwick School

Courage and Perseverance 

Having the courage to take intellectual risks, attempting solutions to difficult or unfamiliar problems, exploring new concepts in greater depth, challenging accepted viewpoints are the hallmarks of a Warwick pupil. 

Equally, important, however is having the perseverance to keep trying. Intellectual risk taking will bring failures and it is a pupil who is prepared to try and keep trying that will ultimately succeed.

Responsibility and Humility 

Demonstrating the humility to listen and respect the views of their peers and teachers is a pre-requisite not only for the classroom, but also the wider learning process. 

All pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. While this can be as simple as ensuring homework is completed, at Warwick we view this as something much greater. This includes developing the desire for learning, looking to expand on the content in lessons and more generally recognising that academic success is in their hands. Every pupil is encouraged to adopt the ‘growth mindset’ -  maximising individual academic potential and being prepared to work hard for it.

Curiosity and Creativity 

We value independence of thought and positively encourage intellectual curiosity. Asking questions, challenging
ideas and more generally just wanting to know more are traits we look to develop in every pupil. As curiosity develops, so does creativity. While perhaps more usually seen in artistic disciplines, we encourage creativity across all academic subjects with pupils often writing, designing and producing material that extends well beyond the subject specifications and curriculum boundaries.