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Arrivals and collection

Arrivals on Time

Pupils arriving between 7.45am and 8.00am are supervised on the playground by members of staff. Pupils should be brought to the gates by the playground where they will be met by staff and will be directed to an appropriate room should it be raining. There should be no pupils on site before 7.45am.

Pupils should arrive in time for line up at 8.25am. A smooth start to the day is important for both the child and for teachers.

Pupils are responsible for taking bags to the cloakrooms and classrooms. When pupils first arrive in the morning, bags should be placed on the bag racks around the edge of the playground. When the whistle is blown for classes to line up, pupils should fetch their bags and then line up in silence.

Pupils arriving late between 8.25am and 8.45am should go directly to the classroom for registration.


Late Arrivals

Pupils and parents should not be anxious if they are late for the start of school; we would rather you arrive safely and unruffled than risk an accident by rushing.

Pupils arriving later than 8.45am who miss registration should go directly to Reception to register.


Late Arrivals During the School Day

When teaching has started it is not appropriate for parents to take pupils directly to their lessons.

Pupils should be taken to Reception where they will be registered and then sent to their next lesson. This is very important. We must have an accurate record of those in school at all times.



Each form has a cloakroom or space for bags in the classroom where pupils have a space to put their games bag and pegs to hang their school bag, jacket and blazer. Pupils should take their completed homework and the books they need for the day to their classrooms.


Musical Instruments

Small instruments (violins or smaller) are kept in the classroom. With the exception of cellos and double basses, when pupils first arrive in the morning, all other instruments can be stored at the back of the Year 5 Maths room, opposite the Medical Centre.

Due to their size, double basses and cellos should be taken directly to the Music School for safe keeping. Instruments should not be left on the racks as they could be damaged through damp conditions or through accidents.


Visitor Security during the School Day

During the school day, all visitors to the school should visit the Junior School Reception to sign the visitors’ book. Lanyard badges are given to all visitors and must be worn throughout the visit and returned to Reception on leaving. Non-badge wearers will be challenged.



During the School Day

If parents need to collect their child from school during the course of the school day, an email should be sent to the Headmaster. The pupil will then be sent to the school Reception at the appropriate time and parents should collect their child from there. Parents are then asked to sign their child out at the school office.

It is important that pupils do not leave school directly from classrooms as we must have an accurate record of all people on site.


At the End of the School Day

The end of the school day is staggered to reduce congestion in the Junior School car park. The school day ends at 3.40pm for pupils in the Lower School (Years 3 and 4) and at 3.55pm for pupils in the Upper School (Years 5 and 6). If parents have children both in the Lower and Upper School, both children will be available for collection at 3.40pm. We ask that as soon as pupils are collected, parents make a prompt exit to create space in the car park for later arrivals. Prep/activities will be supervised on the playground between the end of the day and the beginning of these sessions. Should parents be late for pick up, the teacher on duty will take all pupils not collected to the Library to be supervised from 4.05pm.

After this time, parents should collect pupils from Prep or when their son’s activity finishes on the playground.


Prep Provision

All pupils staying for Prep are collected from the playground at 3.50pm. They are then taken to the Dining Room where they are served a healthy snack and drink. They then return to the Junior School to begin their homework. Years 5 and 6 complete their homework in the downstairs Computer Room, Years 3 and 4 are supervised in the Library.

Prep is supervised by staff and runs between 4.00pm and 5.00pm followed by Late Club from 5.00pm-5.45pm. Pupils may not have homework to occupy them for the full hour of homework; however, all pupils will be expected to complete a session of quiet reading before having the opportunity to play board or online games.

Prep ends at 5.00pm. Between 5.00pm and 5.45pm, pupils continue to be supervised by staff. When weather conditions and light are favourable, pupils are often supervised during this time on the playground.


Charges for Supervised Prep

Pupils staying for homework between 4.00pm and 5.00pm are charged £5.50 including tea. Between 5.00pm and 5.45pm there is an additional £2.20 charge. This charge also applies to pupils who are taken to homework at the conclusion of their clubs and activities.

While a pupil will never be left on their own, we stress that 5.45pm should be the latest time for collection. Parents who cannot make the 5.45pm collection should consider other childcare arrangements. A charge of £12 per 15 minute period, or part thereof, is charged to all parents picking children up after 5.45pm.


After Sports Matches

After home matches, pupils are expected to share a match tea with the opposition. Parents are always welcome to join staff for refreshments in the Halse Pavilion on conclusion of the games. Following away rugby and football matches, the pupils will be required to wear their full tracksuits. A tracksuit is an essential part of school uniform as few schools provide the opportunity for showers.

Throughout the year, the time of pick-up following fixtures depends on the type of match being played. All information about the fixtures are on the school sports website: the password to access the team sheets in W4rw1ck.

Return times for away matches are sometimes difficult to predict due to traffic congestion. Details of expected times of return are published on the team lists posted on the notice board by the entrance gates to the Junior School and on the weekly newsletters. Should a match have to be cancelled, the school will send out a text message to parents.



A number of our pupils use the school buses. At the end of the school day teachers escort pupils to the buses to ensure they catch the correct bus. Buses leave from 4.15pm each day. Pupils travelling by bus may not be able to access clubs unless parents are able to arrange a later pick up. There is a late bus service on the following routes, enabling pupils to attend clubs and then catch the later bus:

  • Banbury via Gaydon and Warmington
  • Coventry via Leamington and Kenilworth
  • Shottery via Stratford

The late bus service leaves at 5.45pm. Should parents wish for their son to catch this bus, please inform the Junior School office. A member of staff will escort them onto the correct bus.

For up-to-date information with regard to our bus service, please visit:



Please park within the designated parking spaces outside the Junior School when picking up your child. Parents must ensure that the disabled parking space remains available for cars displaying a disabled badge. We do expect parents to park and pick up children from the school playground. Pupils must not wait by ‘the Bears’ at the front of school.


Rules Governing the Official Transport of Pupils

Pupils are required to wear seat belts whenever on official School transport and to abide by the “special rules” that apply. All school mini-bus drivers are authorised by the school and have a current minibus accreditation (MiDAS).


Traffic Management

Driving within the School Campus

Extreme care should be taken when driving within the school campus. Cars should proceed at a crawl and assume that they may have to stop suddenly. Pupils should not be allowed to run across the car park to the Junior School. Pupils should observe good road sense at all times.