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Our ethos

Warwick School Motto is: Altiora Peto – I aim for higher things.

Warwick School offers a continuous education from age 7-18. A common ethos extends across both the Senior and Junior schools. In the Junior School we promote ‘Learning Strengths’, encouraging the pupils to develop a range of skills and attributes expressed below:

1. Developing learning strengths

It is our aim that all pupils entering Warwick Junior School will be ready and prepared for entry into the senior school at age 11. As educators, we strive to work in partnership with parents towards a common goal of developing each child as an individual – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We want all pupils to show initiative in their own learning and we aim to ensure that each child is fully included, secure and valued.

2. From a child's perspective

Viewed from the perspective of the child, we have developed the following as a ‘child-friendly’ set of aims:

The Junior School encourages me to:

  • Be fully involved and enjoy school life;
  • Find out as much as I can about the world in which I live;
  • Explore my personal skills and talents, and discover new ones;
  • Ensure that all of our school, pupils and adults, feel part of a community;
  • Feel proud of my successes and take on new challenges;
  • Value the achievements of others as well as my own;
  • Treat others fairly and honestly;
  • Follow the 3 Cs: Care, Courtesy and Consideration.

3. Teaching and learning

A number of principles underpin our teaching and learning. These can be summarised as being our desire to:

  • Set high expectations and give every child conīŦdence that they can succeed;
  • Establish what children already know and build on this;
  • Structure and pace the learning experience to make it challenging and enjoyable;
  • Inspire learning through passion for the subject;
  • Make individuals active partners in their learning;
  • Develop learning strengths and personal qualities;
  • Develop teaching skills that respond to a rapidly changing world.

4. Independent learners

Young pupils are necessarily very reliant upon their teachers for initiating and supporting their learning. A key goal at Warwick Junior School is to help pupils achieve greater independence in their learning as they move through the School.

To this end, we encourage children to strive for explanation and understanding and not to ‘spoon feed’ answers.

5. Staff - Parent relationship

Educating children is a shared responsibility between school and home. It is therefore important that the links between school and home are strong and underlie a partnership built upon trust, understanding and common goals. We value this partnership and aim to meet with all parents early in the school year to share information as the foundation for on-going communication over the year.