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Clubs, activities and sports matches

Clubs and Activities

We encourage pupils to take an active part in the co- curricular life of the school. There are approximately sixty clubs to choose from each term. A number of clubs operate before school, notably choir and other music groups. A range of activities are on offer at lunchtimes and also after school.

A letter will be sent to parents explaining the online booking system. At a time and date specified, the system will go ‘live’ allowing parents to book activities on their child's behalf.

For most clubs there is no additional charge. Clubs run by external providers such as LAMDA, Kung-Fu, Fencing, Golf, Animation Club and Mad Science are charged at £7.50 per session. A full list of all clubs and any additional charges can be provided upon request.


Inter-school matches

Warwick Junior School plays regular competitive games against other schools as part of our educational programme. All our pupils have the opportunity to play for the school during the course of the year. With the possible exception of cricket, all pupils will be picked to play at least one match for the school in a term.

Wherever possible we run up to six teams ensuring that our teams match the strength of the opposition. Year 3 pupils play tag rugby. Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils play contact rugby.

In the Lower School (Years 3 and 4) we play a mixture of both rugby and football over the first two terms. This approach allows us to maximise opportunities for competitive matches. In the Upper School (Years 5 and 6), rugby is the main sport in the Michaelmas Term and football the main sport in the Lent Term. We do our very best to match our teams to the strength of each opposing school. We cannot pick all the pupils for each fixture. Few schools are able to match the size of our year groups. As with all terms, inclement weather inevitably means that some fixtures cannot be played. We do keep a record of players and will do our very best to ensure pupils enjoy the opportunity to represent the school. Keen rugby players in Year 6 have the opportunity to play Sevens in the Lent Term. Hockey, for Upper School pupils is played in both the Michaelmas and Lent terms as part of an after school club. Matches are arranged both in games time and after school.


Parental support at Matches

Parents are encouraged to come along to support our teams for both home and away matches. We ask all spectators to observe the following guidelines:

  • be generous in your support of both teams
  • be positive in your encouragement
  • be supportive of officials in charge of games
  • remember that the players are not professionals but school pupils
  • consider that despite being well prepared for matches, pupils will often forget tactics, positioning and skills!


Warwick Junior School Outdoor Education Programme

Parents will be informed of our plans for residential trips once these are confirmed.

On a biennial basis we run an invitational Sports Tour to Jersey involving both Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. This will be re-launching in October 2023.

Residential visits provide great opportunities for all our pupils to develop social skills, independence and resilience. Our expectation is that all pupils will attend, unless they have a medical condition that makes this impossible or inadvisable. Should a pupil not attend a residential stay, he will be expected to attend school and join one of the remaining year groups.


Costs of trips additional to School fees

The School goes to great lengths to ensure that additional financial demands made upon parents take account of the following criteria:

  • that the trip is an integral part of the curriculum, or is a reward
  • that trips offer parents value for money
  • that where costs are incurred, every attempt is made to keep costs down without putting safety at risk, or compromising the value of the event
  • that all outings have the approval of the Headmaster.

All residential experiences offer a most valuable opportunity for personal growth and discovery. Parents should contact the Headmaster or Trip Leader if they are concerned about their child's participation in any of the events.