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Electronic games and mobile phones

With the exception of pupils travelling to and from school by bus, pupils should not bring electronic devices into school. For pupils travelling by bus, a mobile phone is a sensible addition to allow them to advise of any changes to routines. We recommend that a simple phone is provided without internet connectivity. These phones should be handed in to Reception on arrival and may be picked up at the end of the day.

Parents may also request permission from the Headmaster or Deputy Head should they wish their child to have a phone in school to coordinate pick up. Again, all phones must be handed into Reception on arrival.

We will call parents if a pupil needs to make contact. If a parent needs to make contact with a child, they can do so via the school office.


Social network and computer use

Pupils using the network must respect the rules governing use of the network. They must not attempt to enter restricted areas of the network or alter the configuration of the computers or server. Internet access will be closely monitored with appropriate filters in place. Pupils are expected to read and sign the Junior School Computing Code of Conduct, which is printed in their Prep Diary, at the start of the Michaelmas term’s Computing lessons.


Watches and Expensive Items

Pupils may wear inexpensive watches to school. Such items should be clearly marked with the pupil's name. Watches are worn to school at the owner’s risk.

Expensive watches, smart watches capable of WIFI internet connection and other items of significant value should not be brought to school.


Lost Property

The Form Tutor and School Office will help with all lost property. All clothing and possessions should be named. We will always try to help pupils locate any missing items.

Items not claimed are then liable to be sent to a charity shop or otherwise disposed of. There are no facilities at the Junior School for the long-term storage of lost property.