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School uniform and games kit

During the week pupils should have daily access to a school waterproof jacket. Whenever possible children will be allowed to play outside even in light rain. Please ensure that all clothing is named, and loops sewn onto coats to enable pupils to hang them on pegs with ease.

Pupils are encouraged to keep all items of clothing that are not being worn in their bag. School uniform, including the blazer, should be worn to and from school unless permission has been otherwise granted such as for school trips or following games.


School Uniform

Uniform and PE/Games kit can be downloaded below, and more information obtained online from our uniform supplier, Stevensons at Once registered you will be able to order uniform for your child specific to their year group requirements. Please note this service will be available from 12 July.


Every pupil is required to have a mouthguard for their safety during a range of games throughout the year, including hockey and rugby. Our preferred partner, OPRO mouthguards, will be in school on Wednesday, 7 September from 9.00am to 3.00pm. On this day the OPRO dental team will take impressions of all pupils who want to be fitted and the finished mouthguards will then be delivered back to your home address approximately 7 working days later. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and have your child fitted please place an order with OPRO on their website

If you would prefer not to attend the visit but to order a home impression kit to take the impression at home then this can also be arranged when ordering. We would recommend ordering your kit at the start of the summer holidays so you can have your mouthguard made before the start of the academic year.

If you have any questions about the products or OPRO’s service please contact their customer care team directly on 01442 430690 or email



Pupils’ hair should not touch the collar and ears should be visible. We expect our pupils to keep their hair tidy – fringes should not impede vision. Styles should be conservative and closely graded haircuts are discouraged (no closer than a grade 3). Hair products such as wax and gel should not be used to spike or style hair.



Pupils’ shoes should be traditional black leather shoes. Pupils should not be supplied with ‘trainer’ style footwear. Parents are advised to choose shoes that will allow their child free and safe movement.


Wearing of Uniform

Pupils should take pride in their appearance and in the wearing of the school uniform. They will be reminded by teachers to tuck in shirts, fasten top buttons, wear ties correctly, fasten shoelaces and wear clean shoes. Play is a significant part of a pupil's life at the Junior School. We do, however, expect that pupils take care of their uniform, and that particularly blazers are cared for and are not left lying around. We do take measures to reduce undue wear and tear and insist that school jackets are worn at breaks and not blazers.




Pupils should not enter the school building before registration in the morning. Parents must not enter the Junior School without first reporting to Reception.


Changing Rooms and Toilets

It is an important child protection policy that no unauthorised adult should have access to these areas. All adults who come into contact with children at Warwick School have completed extensive safeguarding checks. Please refer to a teacher if you have a need to enter a changing area. A toilet for visitors is located close to Reception.