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Pastoral care

Every pupil at Warwick School is supported when they join us and throughout their entire time at the school. We have a varied and structured system of pastoral support. 

We ensure that that each child and their family build a trusting relationship with at least one key member of staff at this crucial time of transition - this will most likely be your child's Form Tutor. While a great natural relationship between pupil and tutor is built and nurtured, we also make a conscious and welcomed effort to bring mum and dad into the Warwick family too – with regular online parents’ evenings, Meet the Tutor events, progress reports, and other events specifically targetted at bringing everyone into the Warwick School family..

We understand the importance of truly feeling at home in the school community, and take our responsibility to make every pupil feel welcomed and not overawed in a larger school such as Warwick very seriously.