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Music and LAMDA lessons


All year 7 pupils are encouraged to take up an instrument and are taught free of charge for one year.

  • For additional lessons outside of the Year 7 Scheme and in later year groups, music charges for September 2022 are £270.00 for a block of 10 lessons, charged for termly in advance.
  • Instrument hire for September 2022 start from £42.50 per term (larger instruments such as harps may be more).
Important - Terms and Conditions for music lessons - please read 

Terms and Conditions

1. To reap the full and extraordinary rewards of learning an instrument, it should be understood that this is a long term project for both pupil and parent; when registering for instrumental lessons it is our expectation that there is a commitment to at least one whole year’s tuition and regular practice.

2. Lessons are 30 minutes in duration and charged termly in advance. Fees for the academic year 2022-2023 are £27.00 per lesson and are reviewed annually.

3. Pupils receive up to 30 lessons (Year 3 – Year 10), 28 lessons (Year 12) or 24 lessons (Year 11 & 13) in a year. Your child's teacher will contact you if they expect to exceed this number of lessons.
    a The schedule for charging lessons to pupils receiving 30 in a year will be Michaelmas 10, Lent 10, Summer 10.
    b The schedule for charging lessons to pupils receiving 28 in a year will be Michaelmas 10, Lent 10, Summer 8.
    c The schedule for charging lessons to pupils receiving 24 in a year will be Michaelmas 10, Lent 10, Summer 4.
    d The timings of charges outlined in clauses 3a to 3c may not reflect the timing of actual lessons.

4. Lessons take place throughout the School day and are rotated to avoid the same class being missed on a regular basis. Pupils must request permission to leave an academic lesson at least 24 hours prior to their music lesson from the class teacher concerned; this may be done by email. There is a music card in the back of your child's Homework Diary specifically for this purpose.

5. Fees for Associated Board, Trinity and Rockschool examinations will be charged to your child's school account at the end of each term. If your child is withdrawn from the exam after being entered full payment of this fee is still due. Part refund can be applied for in extenuating circumstances or by presenting a doctor’s note in line with the examination board’s terms and conditions. Any additional lessons will be billed accordingly.

6. To avoid a charge, Visiting Instrumental Teachers must be given seven days notice of a pupil's absence (doctor’s appointment etc.). In the case of long term absence, please contact the Director of Music.

7. Pupils in Years 11, 12 or 13 who wish to continue with lessons during exam leave may do so. These will be charged at the normal rate and are by special arrangement with their teacher.

8. In agreement with parents, sheet music and some accessories may be ordered by the Music Secretary and billed to your child's school account by completing a Music Order form. You will be responsible for purchasing other accessories as requested, e.g. mouthpieces, reeds, and valve oil.

9. To discontinue instrumental lessons, notice must be given in writing to the Head of Section (e.g. Head of Strings) a full term in advance (as stated in clause 9.14 from WISF Parent Contract - terms and conditions) e.g. To discontinue lessons at the end of the Michaelmas term, notice must be received before the first day of Michaelmas term. Notice received after that time will result in payment until the end of the Lent term. It is assumed that pupils moving from Junior to Senior School will continue lessons unless notice is given.

10. A wide variety of ensembles is provided by the school free of charge. To maximise your child's learning and enjoyment we strongly urge them to participate in these excellent groups. Commitment is essential to the success of any ensemble. Please note rehearsals and concerts take priority over non-school activities.


Our LAMDA provision prepares boys from all year groups to take graded Drama examinations, for which we hold a private exam centre annually, whilst developing their confidence, performance and public speaking skills. Each LAMDA lesson lasts 30 minutes.

LAMDA charges for September 2022 are £270.00 for a block of 10 lessons, charged for termly in advance. The structure of lessons are:

  • 12 sessions in the Michelmas Term
  • 10 sessions in the Lent Term
  • 8 sessions in the Summer Term

This costing mirrors the prices of peripatetic LAMDA and instrumental lessons across the Foundation.