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Sixth Form Admissions

Academic Requirements

With the introduction of the new numerical grading system at GCSE for the majority of (but not all) subjects, to avoid ambiguity we have redefined the entry requirements for Sixth Form.

Boys wishing to follow a Sixth Form course at Warwick School must attain a minimum of 51 GCSE points from their best 8 GCSE grades. This figure is the equivalent of the previously stated entry requirements of three grade 7(A) and five grade 6(B).

Entry process

Entry to the Sixth Form is based on the outcome of an interview with the Head of Sixth Form, Senior Deputy Headmaster and subject teachers, a report from the candidate’s current school (with an indication of predicted grades at GCSE) and meeting the school’s academic requirements for entry to the Sixth Form.

If you are interested in entry into our Sixth Form in September 2019, please contact our Admissions Department on 01926 776414.

Subsequent to the interview, and a satisfactory report, an offer may be made for entry the following September.

From September 2019, there will be a new shared Sixth Form Centre for Warwick School boys and King High girls, providing space for both private study and opportunities to socialise together (whilst teaching remains single sex within the schools).


There is a small number of scholarships available for entry to the Sixth Form at Warwick. Scholarships are designed to reward academic excellence and talent. They are awarded up to the value of 20% of fees. Candidates applying for a scholarship will be expected to gain at least six 8(A*) grades at GCSE. Evidence of this will be required from a school report. Candidates do not need to apply for a scholarship but will be identified at interview stage. 

Subject to the required predicted grades and performance in the interviews, a scholarship will be made at the time of offering a school place.

Sixth Form Science Scholarship

Warwick School offers James Barr science scholarships worth £750 a year in the Sixth Form. There are two Natural Sciences scholarships for those studying the Sciences and two Pure Science and Engineering scholarships for those studying Mathematics and Physics.


Warwick School, as part of the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation, benefits from a scheme offering the possibility of free or discounted places based on financial need. These awards are offered on a sliding scale dependent upon parental income and subject to results of interviews.

Bursary awards are means tested. Only in exceptional circumstances would an award be made to a family with an income exceeding £40,000 after tax.

As well as the potential of a free or discounted place, help is also available towards other expenses including uniforms and educational trips.

Parents wishing to apply for a bursary will be required to submit details of their financial circumstances in full confidence.

All applicants are asked to indicate if they are applying for a Foundation Bursary.

Student Loans for Further Education

Student interest-free loans of up to £1500 per year for each year of the course (subject to conditions) are available to students living in Warwick (CV34 postcode) going to University or College.

For more information about the student interest-free loans available, eligibility and how to apply please go to: The Charity of Sir Thomas White