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Welcome to Warwick School Sixth Form

We are delighted that you have chosen Warwick School for this next stage of your academic journey.

Sixth Form brings so many opportunities and is an exciting time. You will be studying subjects you enjoy, gain greater independence in your studies, make new friends and try new activities. The step up from GCSE to A Level is always quite daunting, and the tutors and Sixth Form team will help to support you whilst you adapt to the challenges of studying for A Levels. This booklet aims to give you an overview of life in the Sixth Form and some of the opportunities that are on offer. It is such a privilege to be with you as you work towards A Levels and beyond, and I sincerely hope you make the most of this precious time in Sixth Form.

Mrs V Bell
Head of Sixth Form


Lower Sixth form tutors 2022-2023

Acting Head of Section: Mrs K Poole
Assistant Head of Section: Mr C Bennett

Form Room Tutor Assistant Tutor
L6B1 Q3 Dr A Hodskinson -
L6B2 SciIT Mr J Allen -
L6G1 D7 Mr R Parkinson -
L6G2 D8 Mr D Stephenson -
L6L1 Q2 Miss S Hill -
L6L2 Q4 Mrs R Stokes -
L6O1 X1 Ms P Allard -
L6O2 X2 Mr M Graham -
L6T1 D6 Mrs A Albrighton -
L6T2 X3 Mr W Deacon -
L6Y1 Q1 Mr B Smith Mr C Bennett
L6Y2 D1 Miss B Andrews Ms N Husselbee
Upper Sixth form tutors 2022-2023 

Acting Head of Section: Mrs K Poole
Assistant Head of Section: Mrs K Tudge

Form Room Tutor Assistant Tutor
U6B1 P2 Dr G Cafolla -
U6B2 B1 Mr J Delaney -
U6G1 B2 Mrs J Goodbourn -
U6G2 B4 Mr F Viti -
U6L1 C1 Mrs A Quinn -
U6L2 C4 Dr K Tudge Mr N Tapper-Gray
U6O1 C3 Mr G Wade -
U6O2 C2 Mr G Stingemore Mrs L Hodge
U6T1 P1 Mr T Mahoney -
U6T2 B3 Miss Z Yeldham -
U6Y1 P3 Mrs R Morgan -
U6Y2 P4 Mr G Milsom -