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The school day

Timings of the school day


8.25am School Bus Arrival
8.40am Registration
8.45am - 9.15am Assembly/Form Period/Chapel Section or House Assembly
9.15am - 10.05am Lesson One
10.10am - 11.00am Lesson Two
11.00am - 11.20am Break
11.20am - 12.10pm Lesson Three
12.15pm - 13.05pm Lesson Four
13.05pm - 13.55pm Lunch
14.05pm - 14.10pm Registration
14.15pm - 15.05pm Lesson Five
15.10pm - 16.00pm Lesson Six

After School Activities

School Bus Departure (afternoon)

17.45pm Late Bus Departure



Registration is at 8.40am and 2.05pm every day. You must register with your Form Tutor in your tutor room. Attendance is essential as this is a legal requirement. It is also an opportunity for your Form Tutor to relay any important messages and for you to raise any issues with your Form Tutor. Attendance at Sixth Form Chapel, Assemblies, and PSHCE is compulsory.

You must be present in school from 8.40am until 4.00pm with the following exceptions:

  • You may walk off site at lunchtime, but you must sign out at Reception first and ensure you return by 2pm.
  • If you become ill, you must first report to the Medical Centre. They will contact your parents if necessary. You must sign out at Reception if you go home.
  • Only the Upper Sixth with private study periods in the afternoon may go home to work if they prefer – written parental permission is needed for this. Lower Sixth pupils are expected to remain in school.
  • Parents must contact the school at to inform us if you are missing school due to illness or to seek permission for absence due to medical appointments or open days, etc.


As a collective body, the Sixth Form provide leadership and act as role models for the school community.  

While there are many privileges in being a member of the Sixth Form, including access to the Sixth Form centre, private study periods, and being able to sign out and go offsite at lunch time, there is also a greater level of expectation in terms of responsibility. This not only includes responsibility for the way in which the SSFC is used and ensuring that Warwick and King’s Sixth Forms work together, but also responsibility as senior members of the pupil body.  

During the Lower Sixth year you will be allocated (usually with members of your form/house) to undertake one duty day a fortnight, under the direction of a Duty Prefect. This will involve supervising younger members of the school at key times and places during the school day. 

All members of the Lower Sixth will be expected to be on a duty day and carry out their responsibilities with responsibility and maturity.  

Duties will run for the whole of the Lower Sixth year. 

Travel and transport

Car Parking

Car parking for members of the Sixth Form is not available on the Warwick Independent Schools Myton Road campus.  

In line with local authority requirements, the Foundation is currently working through the implementation of its Traffic Management Plan, a significant part of which is the expectation of achieving a reduction of vehicular traffic both on the campus itself and in the vicinity of the four schools that now occupy the site. 

Currently we have partnered with Warwick Castle who offer a year’s parking permit for the Stables Car Park in Warwick that members of the Sixth Form can apply for. If interested in this option, please contact the Sixth Form Secretary for a permit application form. Alternatively, pupils can park at St Nicholas Park car park.

From time to time, individuals who are qualified to drive and have not chosen to apply for a permit, decide to park in neighbouring residential roads/areas. While we have no jurisdiction over such individuals if they choose to park in neighbouring roads, the practice of so doing has previously caused anguish and anger for the residents who live there. The movement of King’s High to the Myton Road Campus has shifted substantially the traffic movements around Warwick and we do have a responsibility to minimise as far as possible its impact. Our reputation with our neighbours, local community and town of Warwick is as important to us as our reputation regionally and nationally. We want to be a positive contributor to the town, not a negative one. The wearing of Warwick School uniform and tie should be done with pride but at the same with recognition that when in the community you are still representing the school. For these reasons we would ask that any pupils driving to school who do not wish to park either in the Stables Car Park or St Nicholas Park first speak to one of the Sixth Form team, who will discuss the options with them. 

Those members of the Sixth Form driving a car to school are reminded that while they are allowed to sign out at lunchtime they should only be using their car to arrive and depart from Warwick at the beginning and end of the school day.

Driving to School Fixtures 

Pupils driving themselves to school fixtures is not allowed.  

Driving Lessons 

Pupils do not have permission to take driving lessons during the school day. Pupils are not allowed to drive into or out of the school site during a lesson. Pupils are able to request absence in order to take a driving test by completing an absence request on the school portal.

Driving Tests

With regards to driving tests, these can be taken in the school day. Pupils must notify the Head of Sixth Form as well as put the absence through the parent portal. Driving theory tests include a practical and a theory test. The expectation is that pupils are only absent for the test and return to school as soon as they are finished.