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Year 10 - Learning what's out there

Year 10 PSHEE focuses on identifying skills, developing self-confidence, and beginning to think in depth about the approaching career milestones. This takes the form of half day delivery in the Summer term.

Workshops include:

  • Exploring job ideas
  • Recognising and building personal skills
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Identifying their strengths and areas for improvement

Year 10 are introduced to the SACU Online Career Cloud that provides online tools that pupils can use to research their future in a fun way. To kick off the process, pupils complete the simple SACU career quiz. This picture-based quiz then provides three personalised ‘clouds’ to explore all the options available to them that suit their preferences:

  • Degree cloud
  • Career cloud
  • Apprenticeship cloud 

Other opportunities to explore possible careers are provided informally through Business Lunches, where pupils can learn about a specific career by talking to an expert in the field. Our extensive Encounters Lecture series provide the opportunity to meet and hear from many speakers, offering insights into their career and giving advice to those just starting out.

Year 10 are also welcome at events for the Medicine and Law Pathways to university.