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Year 11 - Building real-world experience

The beginning of Year 11 Warwick pupils undertake the MyFutureChoice online Careers Interactive Programme. This is a platform that connects pupils with career and study paths. The rigorous assessments uncover the interests and aptitudes and, using validated psychometric tests, help to evaluate strengths and interests and to facilitate post 16 and 18 career options.

Once the interest-based questionnaire and norm-referenced aptitude tests have been completed, pupils are invited for a 1:1 interview with Mr. Tapper-Gray, the Head of Careers and Volunteering.

Work Experience

Work experience gives young people the opportunity for involvement in a workplace, helping them to understand how the world of work operates and how it differs to school. Year 11 Work Experience takes place during the Summer term during June, once all exams have been completed.

Warwick pupils are strongly encouraged to complete work experience and are supported along with their parents to find placements that match their abilities and occupational areas of interest by the Careers Department. We support with:

  • Health and safety checks
  • Setting goals and objectives for the placement
  • CV writing
  • Cover letters
  • Providing contacts from alumni

Warwick School also promotes volunteering opportunities with local primary schools, community centres, charities, hospitals, hospices, National Citizen Service (NCS), and more. The NCS is a voluntary personal and social development programme aimed at 16 and 17 years to volunteer during their summer break and simultaneously develop key skills for employment. NCS is primarily funded by the government, so the full programme charge is £50 for two weeks. NCS annually present the volunteering offer during Year 11 and Year 12 assemblies. Over the years the programme has proved extremely popular with Warwick pupils and the feedback has always been positive.

As an INVESTIN partner school, Year 11 pupils can leverage a discount on their work experience courses. INVESTIN deliver immersive career experiences across 28 different industries, from the ever-popular Medicine and Law through to more up and coming industries like Environmentalism and Sports Professionalism. These are available in both a live online or in-person format and range from 1 to 15 days in length throughout the year.

Year 11 pupils are encouraged to take advantage of Encounters lectures, Business Lunches, and the various university pathway programmes Warwick School offers.