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Message from Mr Hymer: 17 June 2022

On Monday morning I showed the school some of the pictures from last week's residential to Barnswood. I talked about some of the activities the boys did whilst away.

One of the most rewarding activities the boys enjoyed was fire lighting. Using a flint and steel, the boys were shown the technique to create and capture sparks and then to coax an ember into a flame. It is a memorable moment as the fire bursts to life. The boys' faces said it all as they marvelled in their achievement.

The camp gave the boys the chance to employ many of their learning strengths in a practical way. The putting up and down of tents gave them an opportunity for teamwork and to show creativity when building shelters.

We spent one full day at The Roaches in the Staffordshire Peak District. The Roaches is a magnet for some of the best climbers in the country. Whilst we did not tackle any of the vertical rockfaces, we spent half the day walking in the area. The other half was spent weaseling and scrambling over, under and between boulders.

Whilst chatting to our instructors, they told us about a famous climber who they had seen climbing one of the classic climbs at the Roaches without using his hands. I managed to find it on YouTube and showed it to the boys. It gave a great opportunity not only to marvel at the extraordinary balance and agility of the climber, but also to make the point of what can be achieved through practice.

This point was further illustrated on Tuesday morning when the boys performed in the House music competition. It is a very special event as boys put themselves forward in auditions and organise all the rehearsals both in school and at home. The quality of the music was quite extraordinary; I was glad to see a number of parents sharing the moment with us. I cannot recall such musicianship from the boys. It was a perfect illustration of what can be achieved through dedication; many of the boys are well on their journey to mastery.