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Message from Mr Hymer: 20 May 2022

Following a long tradition of not watching any rehearsals, I sat down yesterday evening in the Bridge House Theatre to watch Year 6's production of Matilda. Whilst I knew it was going to be good based upon the year group's amazing Year 4 production, I hadn't quite prepared myself for the quality of acting, music and the boys' singing.

Putting on a performance is a major investment in time and energy. It is also one of the few occasions when the whole year group is contributing together towards a shared goal. The boys gain huge satisfaction knowing they are part of a team and have achieved great things together.

The dress rehearsal in the morning allowed all the school to watch together. After a two-year gap, this was all the more important as it helps set the standards for the year groups below. I am sure our current Year 5 are looking forward to their turn and the chance to be part of something very special.

What often separates a Warwick Junior School production from many others I have seen is the involvement and enjoyment of the boys in the chorus. Watching the whole cast and seeing them make the most of each scene was yet again one of the production's strengths. It is clear just how the boys want to make the play the very best it can be. 

All great productions need an inspirational music and drama lead. Our Year 6 productions are in the safe hands of Miss Sharp and Miss Curle who help transform the scripts and scores into something we will remember for a very long time. However much they enjoy the challenge, I am sure they will both breathe a sigh of relief this evening when the final performance is over.