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Message from Mr Bond: 17 March 2023

This week, Scott House held their charity day for the World Wildlife Fund. It is a real strength of the school that each year the houses not only choose their charities - which is never an easy choice when there are so many well deserving causes - but also plan and implement their charity day.

On Monday, I shared a story with the pupils about the early life of Albrecht Durer, the 15th century artist. The apocryphal tale tells how Albrecht was one of two artistically talented brothers who grew up in a poor family. To support one of the brothers through art school, the other brother would work in the local coal mine and which brother went to art school first was decided by a toss of a coin - Albrecht 'won'. His brother Albert would stay behind and work in the mines.

After four years of art school, Albrecht returned home, a renowned artistic prodigy, ready to financially support his brother through art school. However when he spoke to his brother, Albert broke down in tears, holding up his damaged hands, which had suffered from the years in the mines. His hands would not be able to hold pencils and brushes again. Albrecht, so moved by his brother's sacrifice, drew his brother's hands. The sketch became known as the 'praying hands'.

I asked the boys to think about all the people who help us each day and on whose support we rely. This includes our parents, friends, family and teachers. All of us need help and support and it is important to remember that, in turn, we should do what we can to help others.

I wish you all a restful weekend.

John Bond | Junior School Headmaster