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Message from Mr Bond: 27 January 2023

Pictured: Green Team Photography Competition - Harrison, Alex and James

In the assembly this week, I asked the boys to think about the importance of the very 'smallest of things'. We looked at the art work of Dalton Ghetti who makes sculptures out of pencil leads.

The boys recognised the patience and determination that Dalton demonstrated in making such objects but also the sense of wonder that such creations can make us feel. 

I asked the boys to consider how even the smallest of actions such as saying 'Good Morning', holding the door open for someone or sitting respectfully in Chapel are just as important as the 'big things'. The small things we do everyday all add up to make us better people and makes the lives of others better too. In the words of Vincent Van Gogh, ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’​

The highlight of the week, which showed how small individual actions can make a big difference, was the Nelson Charity Day. The whole school contributed in supporting Nelson's nominated charities of Helping Hands and the Shakespeare Hospice through buying cakes, running a 'marathon' and playing a range of games. Well done to everyone for their efforts and to Freddie, Seth and Oliver for their informative presentation on Monday. 

Wishing you a relaxing weekend,

John Bond | Junior School Headmaster