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Message from Mr Bond: 3 February 2023

Pictured: semi-finalists eSQuires at the Pro Corda Chamber Music Festival - Oscar, Ethan, Dylan, Freddie, Reuben and Harvey

This week the pupils were asked to consider the meaning of responsibility which will be their learning strength focus over the coming weeks.

I shared with the boys a story of puppy training my own dog, Hobbes, and that puppies, just like babies and toddlers are not usually held responsible for their actions because of their age. However, as we get older, our responsibilities increase and the expectations placed upon us grow. Having to be responsible is not always easy!  However being responsible is also empowering, allowing us to gain new experiences and prepare us for the next challenge and opportunity. In the assembly, I also shared with the boys the link between our rights and our responsibilities and that our right to things such as an education, being safe, being heard and to make mistakes comes with a responsibility to work hard and support others, look after ourselves, listen to others and learn from our mistakes.

It was lovely to be able to give out some Headmaster's Commendations this week to pupils who acted responsibly in school. 

John Bond | Junior School Headmaster