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Message from Mr Hymer: 2 December 2022

Thursday's Christmas Concert provided the fillip we all needed to bring some much needed Christmas cheer. The boys were on top form reminding us just how much talent there is in the Junior School. 

Music, drama and sport provide equally important but contrasting opportunities for boys to work as a team. One of the joys of our concerts is to see boys moving from one performance to the next, putting down one instrument before playing another. It was a pleasure to see opportunities for our youngest performers, but also to hear from our 'seasoned performers' with many such concerts to their names.

I remain in awe of boys who can sing or perform, particularly in solos or as lead singers in a group. The confidence they exude is something to admire in children of this age. I can only imagine the butterflies the jazz performers must have felt when the spotlight fell on them to begin their improvisation.

Those of us lucky to have been to many such concerts will recognise the very special strengths of our current string players and orchestra members. I often remark to parents when touring the school that listening to our orchestra, you would never believe such standards could be achieved by junior performers. The same is true of our choirs and brass players. 

My words of thanks to our music department were heartfelt. They are a very special group of teachers who make music enjoyable, aspirational and for want of a better word 'cool'. I hope that many of the boys in Year 3 and 4 sitting in the audience will feel inspired to be part of future concerts.