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Mr Bond's Week in Review - 23 February

This week focussed on this half-term's Learning Strength - responsibility.

In our assembly this week, I asked the boys to reflect on how often they had heard – or even perhaps said - the following:

  • "He made me do it!"
  • "It's not my fault!"
  • "My mum didn't sort it out for me!"
  • "Nobody told me we had homework!"
  • "That's unfair!"

Judging by their response, I can safely assume that the boys were familiar with at least some of the quotes! This reflection introduced our new Learning Strength - responsibility. We talked about how being responsible was:

  • Acting with thought and care and trying to do the right thing.
  • Owning our choices and decisions.
  • Having the courage to admit when you are wrong.
  • Being brave enough to put things right.
  • Being more independent.

The challenge over the coming weeks is for the boys to focus on being more responsible in their learning and around the school.

This week, there were many examples of boys taking responsibility for themselves, their learning, and their relationships with others. From the award of Diplomas, Headmasters Commendations and Care, Courtesy and Consideration certificates, to the pupil Food Commitee on Monday and the pupils who performed at the Guitar Concert on Wednesday, the Junior School boys demonstrated their ability to be responsible.

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend,

John Bond.