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Message from Mr Bond: 19 May 2023

Monday's assembly this week was led by Ossy in Year 3. Over recent weeks he was inspired to put together a presentation on sharks and the endangered nature of many shark species.

He demonstrated great focus (our current learning strength) and researched the topic with enthusiasm and dedication. Ossy led the assembly with confidence, describing the most endangered sharks and importantly letting us know how we could help - even when we live in the Midlands which is quite a long way from the sea!

It was great to see the Year 6s demonstrate high levels of focus and concentration when, after months of line learning, singing, choreography and designing, they finally got to put on their performance of The Lion King Jr this week. At the time of writing there is still the final night to go but so far the reviews have been phenomenal, particularly from the members of the Prep School who sent us their verdict:

“The actor who played Simba was fantastic!” – Cece

“The opening song really set the scene for the whole performance, it was great!” – Amelie

 “I liked the way the wildebeest stampede in the valley was portrayed, the movement and choreography made it very entertaining and believable.” – Arabella

“The start, when the boys were singing ‘Circle of Life’, gave me goosebumps!” – Scarlett

You will hear more about the performance in next week's newsletter. 

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

John Bond | Junior School Headmaster