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Mr Bond’s Week in Review – 22 September 2023

This week, the boys reflected on what it means to be independent.  

Independence is our Learning Strength focus for the start of this term and is a vital skill for the boys to develop during their time at the Junior School. In our assembly, we discussed what being independent means and how it isn’t the same as doing whatever you want. Independence is about doing the right things by yourself and taking responsibility for your actions. However, independence isn’t about not working with, or getting support from others. Being independent is also about knowing when to ask for help or advice. 

I reminded the boys how we all start our lives as a baby being totally dependent on others. I showed the boys examples of the support we have as we are growing up such as walkers, baby baths and nappies! As we grow up, we need to develop our independence because it allows us to enjoy new experiences and opportunities and develop our self-confidence.  

At the start of term there are lots of new routines to learn and the boys are slowly developing those independent habits both inside and outside the classroom. We particularly talked about ensuring they have the right equipment for school and using strategies to be more independent learners.  

This week has seen the return of a full Clubs programme and rugby fixtures. Thank you to those parents who joined us for the Online Safety Presentation by Jenny Parkinson Mills on Tuesday. This was an incredibly interesting update into the ever-changing world of e-safety and I would strongly recommend that you read the information from the evening which is being shared with parents. A highlight of the week was sharing a drink and biscuit with our newly elected Year 6 prefects this morning, who shared their thoughts about school life. 

Next week is another busy week with house charity elections, school photographs, Year 3 and 4 Parents’ Evenings, the Macmillan Coffee Morning, the Year 6 Warwick Prep Schools Rugby Tournament and the Foundation Service, which will be attended by Year 5. 

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend, 

John Bond