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Fundraising for Mary's Meals

At the start of the year each House elects a charity to support.

They are given a day or week over the year to inform the rest of the school community about the charity's work and to raise funds.

This week Drake House have been fundraising for Mary's Meals, a charity providing a daily meal in school for some of the poorest children around the world. To their enormous credit, the boys have shown real empathy and understanding, responding with positive action. Many boys have contributed their tuck money. Others have gone further electing to eat a simple meal of rice and beans and asking for sponsorship. Sebbie Broughton in Year 3 deserves a very special mention for eating a meal of rice and beans for three days each week over a fortnight. Sebbie helped raise an astonishing £150.
The boys deserve to be very proud of themselves having risen to the challenge of acting selflessly and raising £2630 to date. This magnificent sum will provide 189 children with a meal in school for a full year. 
Further information about Mary's Meals can be found