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Year 3 visit to The Wilderness Centre

The inaugural Year 3 residential trip occurred over the final three days of the Lent Term.

Despite some initial worries from a few boys (and parents) about a first ever night away from home, all of the boys jumped eagerly on to the coach and proceeded to have a fabulous trip, testing themselves to try new things such as making their own sandwiches and using a dustpan and brush as well as the more traditional outdoor pursuits.

At the end of last term, we went on a fantastic residential trip to the Wilderness Centre in Gloucestershire.  We did lots of activities like abseiling, rock climbing, tunnelling, archery, orienteering and crate-stacking in all kinds of weather – even snow! 

The food was yummy.  We had to clear up after breakfast and dinner and had to make our own packed lunches each day.   At night we slept in our dormitories and had room inspections to check we were keeping them tidy.  

We all learned how to put harnesses on, how to help each other and how to protect ourselves from drop bears!  It was really good fun and we had a brilliant time.

Year 3 boys