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Getting back into the swing of...

A new academic year and the boys are all getting back into the swing of things.

"It was a pleasure to greet the boys and see them happy, enthused and interacting with one another. The start of terms are always busy, but also very positive times of the year.
The first assembly of the term provided an opportunity to share experiences from my visit to the Scillies. There are many joys when visiting the islands. Most of the islands are traffic free with only St Mary's of sufficient size to warrant cars. The slow pace of life is the perfect antidote to a hectic term with stunning scenery in all directions.  Most days we took a boat ride to one of the neighbouring islands to walk to pristine beaches to enjoy on our own.
I told the boys about the wonderful trust and honesty on the islands. On arrival at our cottage, the keys were in the door with not a thought to a security key box. Dotted across the Scillies are numerous stalls selling farm produce, bulbs and even delicious fudge. When making a purchase, visitors left the appropriate sum and took their change. It was not unusual to see upwards of £100 in an open box. I made the comment that such arrangements only can operate when there is such a level of trust and community. The parallels with school are obvious. I gave the first Care, Courtesy and Consideration Award of the year to one of our Year 4 boys who had seen an upset boy on the first day and encouraged him to join their game of handball. I know his actions will mirror the acts of many over the year ahead."

Mr Hymer, Headmaster of Warwick Junior School