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Year 6 at Blists Hill

An exciting trip was had by all the Year 6 boys, to Blists Hill Victorian Town.

Arriving at school at 7:45 was one of the most exciting moments of Year 6. When we got school, we walked into the library to receive our lunch and our water. When we knew what group we were in, we sat together on the coach and played top trumps. Arthur won all but one games. When we got to Blists Hill we saw all the old machines.  

Once we got into the village, we transferred our money into farthings, shillings and pence; it was interesting to learn about all the different types of money. After we transferred the money, we went into the grocer's shop to buy drinks, fudge and other types of food. After that we strode into the post-office (remember every shop is like the real Victorians’ shops). From the post-office Morgan bought a dip-pen and ink to go with it. Shortly after, we went to a Victorian school where all of us dressed up as Victorian schoolboys and walked through the village in two lines without talking to anyone unless spoken to. 

On the coach journey back to school, everyone started to sing songs such as Old Town Road, Baby Shark and Believer. 

This trip was very fun and enjoyable, and we hope to come again. 

Arthur Hamblett and Morgan Heeley