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Young Shakespeare Company visit

Today  the Young Shakespeare Company visited our Junior School with their touring production of Romeo and Juliet.

This will be the YSC's fourth such visit to Warwick Junior School. The Young Shakespeare Company specialise in introducing Shakespeare's plays to a younger audience. They skilfully involve the boys by stopping at crucial points in the play, explaining the key plot lines and seeking audience participation.

Our Year 5 and 6 boys will be divided to form the Montagues and Capulets before the play unfolds around them.

As always, the actors from the YSC are outstanding professionals bringing great energy and insight into their performances. Last year our Year 6 boys were particularly fortunate to watch the YSC's production of Macbeth before the decision was made to bring their own production to the Bridge House Theatre in the summer. Whilst 'We will Rock You' will be the Year 6 production in the summer, both year groups watching today's performance will learn a great deal from observing high quality professionals in such close proximity.