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Year 3 trip to Market Hall Museum

Year 3 had a most enjoyable day visiting Market Hall Museum in Warwick.

"On Wednesday, the rest of Year 3 and I walked into the centre of Warwick and to the Market Hall Museum. We were going to learn more about fossils. When we stepped inside, it had amazing and interesting things to see. It even had an Irish Giant Deer which had horns that were huge! After, when we were finally ready, we went upstairs and into the left-hand gallery. We had a talk about what Warwick was like 200 million years ago and then sat at the tables in the corner to do our first activity.

We split ourselves up into small groups, then we were given a box. Inside, there were different marine fossils, different pieces of laminated card with names of the different marine creatures and pictures of the creatures. The idea was to match the correct three items for each marine animal - these animals included: Echinoid and Belemnite.

Afterwards, we went into the right-hand gallery. We were onto our second activity now. We were given a clipboard because our next task was to look into the glass cabinet and choose our favourite marine reptile fossil and draw it. Then, we walked over to another section. In this section, for fun, we were comparing our heights with animals. For example, an orangutan was 1.4m and an emperor penguin was 1.3m. I was closest to an emperor penguin because I am 1.26m. Then we walked back into the left-hand gallery. 

We were asked some questions about what we learnt - I learnt that a dolphin is a mammal and an ichthyosaur which looks like a dolphin is actually a marine reptile, so they are not related to each other!

At the end of the trip we headed back downstairs and walked back to school. I thought the museum was really interesting, I would love to go back!"

By Ethan Jones