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Ali Baba & the Bongo Bandits

The Year 4 play came as a very welcome respite to the gloom and doom in the news of late.

From the opening scenes we were entertained with great acting, wonderful singing and some dubious jokes.
One of the great pleasures of the Year 4 play is watching boys surprise themselves and delighting their audiences as new skills and confidence emerge. I mentioned on the first night that the confidence they gain from performing has value well beyond performance nights. It was also clear just how much the boys enjoyed performing and being part of a team.
I have the utmost respect for the Year 4 teachers taking on the challenge of auditions, rehearsals and putting on such a polished performance. As well as all their teaching commitments and clubs, they had to coordinate and arrange for all the props, scenery and costumes to be sourced. Nobody watching would have realised that the boys only had the opportunity to rehearse in the theatre from Tuesday onwards. All the cast knew how best to perform their role, regardless of whether they were a main lead or part of the chorus. I know I speak for all those lucky enough to have watched the performance in thanking both staff and boys for all their efforts and commitment.