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Henry's Time Capsule

Henry has been very busy creating a Covid-19 time capsule recording his life during lockdown. During this period, Henry wrote a poem 'The Keyworker Kids'.

Keyworker Kid.
Mine’s a different type of lockdown,
With parents at the frontline,
Mine’s a different type of lockdown,
Being at school a lot of the time.
I have enjoyed the daily exercise and drawn rainbows for the wall,
I have clapped on Thursday evenings joining cheers for one and all.
But I’m out and about in a quiet lonely world when others are safe at home
And at school thoughts become my friends and at break I miss handball
The roads on our route are empty and the world still feels asleep,
It’s strange and feels somehow risky but I have a duty that I must keep.
The school campus feels eerie since the day everyone ran home to hide,
From an invisible virus that harms so many from inside.
The welcome is warm but the school is quiet, it seems I’m one of the few who have returned.
In early days it felt lonely and for noisy playground times I yearned.
The days begin in earnest with virtual registration,
So near but so far from friends kind of leads to some frustration.
It’s good to see familiar faces and chat for a while online,
But a single click and off they go until our next form time.
The days have a different feel that have become my new norm,
Different faces and different ages, are the children in my mixed-age Lockdown form
There have been lovely treats though, that very regularly occur
That all of all us of every age admit that we prefer:
Pastries for breakfast, Susos at break,
Chupa chups at hometime (and on birthdays there’s even cake!)
I’ve met new staff and had a laugh,
With outdoor fun and indoor craft,
We’ve kept our social distance at 2 metres all the time,
We’ve washed our hands regularly to follow Government guideline
At home too, I am not alone with two keyworker kids as brothers,
All 3 of us now used to photos of our parents in PPE face covers!
Now we’re ten weeks in and the politicians say this war we are winning,
The announcements on the news say the ease of Lockdown is just beginning
I can’t wait to meet up with my friends and see family who live away,
I'm getting so excited that my cousins will soon come and stay!
We’ll go to the cinema, ride our bikes and even go to the pool,
But I guess it also sadly means the end to Lockdown school
The memories of these last few weeks I will remember always in my heart
And one day I’ll tell my grandchildren that in Covid-19 I played my part.
Yes mine has been a different type of lockdown
As a Keyworker Kid in school,
A unique and memorable lockdown
And really rather cool.
By Henry Holmes 5H.