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Edward's Extraordinary Vision

Year 6 have been inspired by 'The Viewer' by Gary Crew.

The boys spent the week building up word banks, metaphors, similes and exploring figurative language before creating their own free verse poems. Edward's work is all the more impressive as this was completed, unaided whilst in key worker provision.

The Dump by Edward

Tier upon tier of dirty detritus there was.
The life sprung out from the dump
And flew hastily away.
In the darkness stood many pieces of dirt and rubbish
In this darkling plain.

The thick smoke hung in the air like a carpet
And mist through the sky.
Lightning struck the landscape like an inefficient assassin
Stabbing his target.
The sky only grew darker as the rainbow colours of the items turned

The grandfather clock made no imposing sound of greatness,
Just the sound of a good life slowly drifting away.
The ship sailed through the seas of the sand in a broken bottle,
The sound of pirate cries drifted away like smoke.
The sails ripped as the strong winds drifted through the air like rapids
in a river.

Tall towers scraped the sky like a knife,
Clouds reluctantly parted as the fog took its place in the sky.
Sand spilled from the sand-timer like lava spilling from a volcano.
The teddy-bears of children satin the sand
Their fur weakening, their fluff spilling, ever since they were thrown away...

The grey foothill slopes curved up
To the strong and rocky detritus mounds.
Among the scraps and broken items
A path had been beaten by the scurrying children
And beaten hard by the wondering tramps

Among the broken, unloved things,
Tristan wandered down the steeping slopes.
As he wondered and searched through the debris
Avalanches of rubbish scatter down from the house-high mountains
Of lonely, unloved things.