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Message from Mr Hymer: 18 Sept 2020

In my assembly to the boys this week, I introduced or reminded the boys of our school motto 'Altiora Peto'. To make this more understandable to our boys we have chosen to simplify this to 'Aiming Higher'.
My assembly focused on what Aiming Higher might entail.

I started by exploring how society measures success through material possessions such as cars and houses or whether a person turns left or right when boarding a plane. I made them aware  just how success is rewarded in the workplace by how many multiples the salary of the average FTSE 100 CEO surpasses that of the average teacher!
I asked the boys whether they thought the former Headmaster of Warwick would have considered monster salaries when he first challenged boys to seek higher things. I then gave the boys some of my suggestions as to what Aiming Higher might mean.
I challenged the boys to live a purposeful life by embracing all opportunities and taking on new challenges. I asked them to seek out things that are meaningful and to appreciate the arts. I challenged them to invest time by marvelling at the hand of a master artist or the creative brilliance of a writer or composer. I asked the boys to make a meaningful contribution to their community, to do things without the prospect of reward. Finally, I asked them to live a good life, to find time to reflect and seek calm. I asked them to recognise the millions that will follow them onto the planet and the need to 'tread lightly'.
On returning from a meeting the same morning, I heard the sound of one of our string players from the music school. It made me realise just how much the boys have missed their music of late. With our 'Supergroups' now up and running and the rock bands rehearsing, key parts of school life are finally falling back into place.      

Mr Hymer, Headmaster