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Message from Mr Hymer: 25 Sept 2020

Walking around school this week, it was great to see such fun and engaging learning taking place. On one visit to the science laboratory, Year 5 boys were enjoying their first lessons using bunsen burners. 

This week also saw our Year 6 boys having fun with a Van de Graaff generator as part of their work on electricity. Next door, Year 4 were making art straw models of trebuchets, bringing their designs to life. Their next step will be to construct working wooden models.
On the games field earlier in the week the first games in our Warwick IPL or Big Bash cricket took place. Whilst the crowds and the razzmatazz may have been missing, the commitment of the boys was certainly not lacking.
In a week when the news from the Prime Minister was more gloomy, it is reassuring to see boys enjoying school and not negatively affected by storm clouds on the horizon.
Whilst we hope that we do not have to put plans into action to transfer to online learning, we will be requiring all year groups to complete a few homework tasks using OneNote, our online learning platform. Today we have sent guides to help parents assist boys when accessing online work. If boys are yet to access OneNote using devices at home, we recommend parents assist in downloading the Teams app as explained in a separate guide.  All year groups will be focusing on using OneNote in their computer sessions.  

Andrew Hymer, Warwick Junior School Headmaster