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Message from Mr Hymer: 2 Oct 2020

Thursdays are always very busy. I manage to compress all my teaching into a single day.

By the end of the day and having repeated the same topic to all three Year 5 classes, I am ready for my cup of tea and the chance to retreat back to my office.
I very much enjoy the opportunity to teach the boys. One of the challenges of teaching primary History is the fact that you never know what question you may be asked next. Whilst some may be more routine, occasionally a question is asked that genuinely surprises. It shows not only that the boys are listening but also thinking, sometimes laterally, about a question.
Parents will know that when children are first able to articulate thoughts and are making sense of the world, they constantly fire questions such as 'what' and 'why'. As they progress to school age such questions become less common. 
Our Year 3 boys began one of their investigations in Science today. Mrs Brotherton told her class not to accept that everything they hear should immediately be accepted as a truth. She encouraged the boys to challenge her if they couldn't make sense of something or needed something to be explained.       
Asking good questions lies at the heart of active learning. When asking questions boys are engaging with their learning. The whole atmosphere in a class can change from passive to active engagement. As a final thought, rather than asking your sons what they did at school today, I suggest turning the question to 'What good questions did you ask today?' 

Mr Hymer, Headmaster