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Message from Mr Hymer: 9 Oct 2020

Over the weekend I received a reminder from Health Education England intended to keep children's mental wellbeing high on our agenda.

Undoubtedly, we are still seeing some effects from the period away from school. Levels of concentration and the ability to listen and act on instructions have been impacted by school closure.
Less obvious are the fears that Covid-19 has brought. Concerns may include the obvious fear for oneself and family, but also the impact on changes to lifestyles and the uncertainty when life will return to normal.
Helpfully, the guide made suggestions as to what can be done to address anxiety and potential dark moments. Kindness and maintaining good humour were high on the list. No doubt kindness in many instances is reciprocated thus creating a virtuous circle of thoughtfulness. 
With so many things out of our control, the author of the guide suggested that we focus on the things we can control. We may not be able to make visits to family and friends, but we can as families decide how we want to spend our weekends and the family-focused activities we want to do with each other.
One of the hardest things for busy parents and teachers is as the guide reminded 'to choose kindness for yourself as well as others'. I am sure teachers are not alone in finding that work is significantly more taxing in the Covid world. Even the sanctity of the staffroom has been lost due to increased duties and restricted numbers allowed in at any one time. In our busyness, it has become significantly more challenging to be kind to ourselves.
I found myself on Saturday afternoon completing my marking whilst listening to Classic FM drifting from the kitchen. Sitting in comfort at home, marking was (almost!) a pleasure. Simple pleasures such as the warmth from a log burner can do wonders for one's wellbeing.
It is important that we actively engage to do as many of the things we have done in the past to relax. I hope that the boys are continuing to bake, paint, exercise, read and pursue hobbies. It would be good to receive news of how our boys are making the most of their weekends. Whilst I cannot claim that reading through Year 5's History homework  is one of my highlights of the week, hopefully this weekend's marking will be equally pleasurable.  

Mr Hymer, Headmaster