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Over the next few weeks our Junior School boys will have the opportunity to showcase their creative writing. This week Eduardo Pass Jimenez has contributed his piece entitled ‘Pirate’.

As I stepped onto the nutty-brown boat, I noticed the monumental clear white sail; a skull's face flapping frantically on it. Entranced by the movement, I slowly hid behind a barrel and let the misty air engulf me. Now I wait…

Sooner or later he appeared out of the main cabin; his fingers were stubby and short. His nose was eagle-like and aquiline; his ivory skin was craggy, leathery and cadaverous. He swung his cutlass like a madman, calling for a crew-mate. While the pirate appeared, I stared deeply into his jade eyes, they reminded me of the sea: blustery and violent.

As he walked round the boat, he thundered obstreperously on his wooden, rusty leg which was paired with his charcoal, ebony boot. His hair was in dreadlocks and was like overgrown, wild foliage. While waiting for the crew-mate he had called, he bombarded the air with his sword. Its blade was silver-grey with a luminous tawny gold handle. Now he screamed: almost as if a toddler was having a very big tantrum because one of his toys had broken. Instantly a crew-mate bolted out of a door and stood next to the captain. The captain told him where they were headed and what they were to do next. I think they were discussing food and provisions when my hand slipped; the crew-mate gasped and the captain prepared to lunge. I had been seen…

by Eduardo Pass Jimenez