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Extract on a theme of 'falling'

Nimal in Year 5 has produced this amazing piece of creative writing on the theme of 'falling'.

I sat down, took a deep breath to reassure myself that I would be fine. I closed my eyes, unable to contain my excitement and nerves, and let go. I started to plummet downwards.

A few moments later, I already knew something weird was going to happen in the ball pit. To start with, I could smell a scent of seaside, and I was in the middle of landlocked Coventry. Secondly, the chirping of parrots and other tropical birds was echoing through the tunnel-like-slide. Before I knew it, I was sky-rocketing into the ball pit. But instead of me plunging in and getting out to go again, I went straight through plummeting into a new world.

For a glorious minute I was flying, but then sandy ground rushed up to meet me. I landed with a THUD on the scorching hot ground. I looked up, surveying where I was. My heart probably skipped a beat. I was on a desolate island, part jungle, stranded. A minute earlier I had been in a ball pit. I was laying out my situation in my head, when an unexpected grunt came from behind me. I slowly turned around then froze. I was a few metres away from what looked like a hungry, angry male gorilla. I was so scared I couldn’t even run. It considered me for a moment. “Please don’t kill me,!" I stammered. Then it charged. I charged like a bull killing a sheep. Finally, my legs gave way and I ran. Faster, like never before, I accelerated by the second. Then without warning a boy, probably twelve, came sprinting out of the bushes chasing it away.