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Luis completes Level 10 of 'Tower of Hanoi'

Congratulations to Luis Baxter who has completed Level 10 of the 'Tower of Hanoi' which is a problem solving challenge.

This problem solving challenge Mr Hargett did with the whole of Year 6 during the first week of live lessons. This is an amazing achievement since Luis had to make an incredible 1023 moves without making a mistake…. in order to complete the level in the minimum possible number of moves.
"Most of the boys managed to get to level 4 (15 moves) or 5 (31 moves) during the live lesson, with a couple managing to do level 6 (63 moves). I mentioned to them during the lesson that, if they had free time, they may want to try to complete a higher level, but I certainly didn't expect to receive an email three weeks later to let me know that one of them had completed level 10!" said Mr Hargett.

The Tower of Hanoi (also called the Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower) was invented by the French mathematician Édouard Lucas in 1883.

There is a story about an Indian temple which contains a large room with three old posts and 64 golden discs. Brahmin priests, acting out the command of an ancient prophecy, have been moving these discs for countless years. According to the legend, when the last move of the puzzle will be completed, the world will end!