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Message from Mr Hymer: 5 March 2021

It is with a huge sigh of relief that we can put down our screens and welcome the boys back into school. I think we all feel that the winter lockdown has been more challenging than last year's version as short, dark, cold days have added to the feeling of gloom and repetition.

Whilst it has been an extremely difficult and demanding time for teachers, we also recognise how challenging it has been for parents juggling their own jobs and supporting their sons' learning. It has been a real partnership in learning; we would like to pass on our thanks to all the parents for their support.
Whilst there are many boys who have continued their learning pathway without barely a pause, we recognise that for some boys lockdown learning has been a challenge. We will do all we can to settle the boys back into routines and to address the areas of learning they are struggling to understand. I very much hope that the concerns boys may have about returning will soon disappear once they are back in the familiar surroundings of school and amongst their friends.
All through lockdown, I have been impressed by the activities and challenges the boys have undertaken. In this week alone we received news of Henry and Flo completing their 100km challenge in February and Jude's amazing end to his step challenge. I felt quite proud of myself having managed 35 miles on my bike on Sunday cycling through Shropshire villages only to discover that Jude had managed almost the same distance on foot completing more than 64,000 steps! 
News of these and other achievements always come as a surprise, but in many ways remind us of what boys of this age can achieve. Billy Fellowes' achievements in chess are another example of a junior aged pupil reaching standards and excelling beyond what might normally be considered possible for someone of this age. 
Taking on challenges over an extended period of time are hugely rewarding and character building. Learning a musical instrument and maintaining a practice regime is another example of helping boys appreciate the lessons of perseverance. The fact that many boys have taken on challenges for the benefit of others is all the more laudable.