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A book review by Hugh (4W)

A book review of: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Crane

The setting of the book is Japan in Hiroshima in 1954. Sadako is the key character of the book. She is brave, young and fit. Sadako becomes gravely ill with leukaemia, an after-effect of the atom bomb that fell on her home town when she was only a small child.

Through her illness, Sadako finds courage by folding paper cranes. Her ambition is to fold 1,000, as an old legend says that if an ill person folds 1,000, the gods will grant her wish and make her healthy again.

Sadako becomes a heroine in Japan. A statue commemorates her in Peace Park, Hiroshima, where on Peace Day people fold paper cranes and put them at the bottom of the statue - the significance is as a sign of peace. The statue reads:

This is our cry,
This is our prayer;
Peace in the world.

I would recommend this book because you learn about the after-effect of war, the bravery of Sadako and learn that the paper crane is a world-wide symbol of peace.  The book shows you how to fold the paper crane.

by Hugh (4W)