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Message from Mr Hymer: 19 March 2021

Last Saturday I spoke to parents and boys joining us for our virtual open morning about how exciting learning is in the Junior School.

I talked about the shared ‘eureka’ moment when boys and teachers experience that moment when a concept is learned or a skill mastered. 
I experienced exactly that moment on Tuesday when I joined 6S for their lesson on cells. The boys were totally absorbed in the task of learning how to create a slide to observe onion cells under the microscope. So much new information and new skills were taught and learned. The eureka moment came when the boys first observed their slides and the cell structure came into view. There were audible ‘wows’ when they first saw for themselves what they had previously seen as a diagram. 
They continued their journey increasing the magnification before turning their attention to yeast cells. Again, they were fascinated and probably shocked to see the cells moving and dividing. I can honestly say that I wished I was 11 years old again! 
In their discussion before the practical, Mr Lewis asked what the boys thought Robert Hooke’s discovery of cells had contributed to today’s world. The boys recognised the work of today’s vaccine that scientists have produced, in making our world safe. One member of the class poignantly stated that without Hooke’s discovery he would not be alive today.
I hope the boys were as impressed with the lesson as I was. Learning how to create slides and observe the constituent parts of cells has never been more important. I mentioned in my same address to parents how the boys never cease to amaze us and how much they can achieve at such a young age. I would be disappointed if the boys did not share with parents what they did in this lesson. Hopefully they will have experienced other such breakthrough moments in their learning this week.