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Message from Mr Hymer: 2 July 2021

Mr Hymer joined our Year 5 boys for their day at Top Adventure. "This was our first day trip since the pandemic first broke in March 2020. It proved to be a hugely successful day with boys enjoying climbing, archery, water sports and laser tag. The day ended with a barbecue and cakes."

"It was wonderful to see the boys enjoying being boys and having fun. The day was expertly organised and we are shortly to confirm a visit in September for our current Year 4 boys when they return as Year 5 pupils.
It is interesting to note how England's success in the Euros has sparked even more interest in football. It is pleasing to see so many involved, even those who may not have played lunchtime football in the past. It demonstrates how national success in a sport can inspire the next generation. I am sure there will be many Junior School boys negotiating an extension to their bedtimes on Saturday evening to watch England's next game.

My assembly on Monday took a sporting theme when I told the boys the story behind the 1988 Seoul 100m final. Those with similarly long sporting memories will remember this was the final when Linford Christie joined Carl Lewis and his rival Ben Johnson for one of the most hotly contested finals ever. I showed the boys the clip of the race and marvelled at Ben Johnson's incredible achievement of running 100m in 9.79 seconds. I told them how the world had watched with amazement marvelling how a human could run the distance so quickly.
I then explained to the boys that Johnson's moment of glory was shattered when it was revealed that he was a drugs cheat. There is a claim that six out of the eight finalists were taking illegal substances.
I shared my hope that in our summer of sport, we can marvel at the competition safe in the knowledge that victory has been achieved fairly. I linked this to our lives in school where to be honest and trustworthy is our fundamental aim. Our boys have shown a great deal of fine sportsmanship over this term. Let's hope those competing in Tokyo will show similar understanding of sporting etiquette."

Mr Hymer, Headmaster of Warwick Junior School