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Career planning in Year 12

In Year 12, careers planning moves to a more active phase, where pupils are encouraged to start looking at their options for life beyond Warwick School and to start preparing their applications for that next step.

The Warwick School Law Pathway

The Warwick School Law Pathway prepares and monitors the progress of pupils wishing to undertake the LNAT entrance assessment. The LNAT is required by several of the UK’s leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, and UCL, to test a candidate’s aptitude for the skills required to study Law. Preparation for this centres on an intense and rigorous programme which involves seminars, practice tests, and recommended reading. The candidates will begin the programme at the start of Lent term in Year 12, giving candidates 9-10 months of preparation time. Apart from the programme’s ultimate aim of having candidates fully prepared for these assessments for Michaelmas term in Year 13, candidates also enhance their critical thinking and logic skills, building their wider appeal and readiness for leading universities and life beyond the classroom.

Support for Law applicants

Law is an incredibly competitive course with specific entrance requirements and is highly selective. Typically, the A Level grades required for successful candidates are A*AA to AAA (depending on which university is making the offer). In addition, many universities wish to see that applicants are dedicated to their decision to read Law at university through their engagement with co-curricular activities.

Potential applicants will be assisted by Mr Bennett (the Assistant Head of Sixth Form at Warwick School, who read Law at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and was a solicitor before switching careers to become a teacher). Pupils will undertake a programme designed to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The programme includes weekly sessions that involve:

Exploring different areas of law, including public law, contract law, tort, equity, international law, property law and criminal law;

  • Providing pupils with opportunities to read and analyse legal cases and texts;
  • Enhancing pupils’ presentation and communication skills;
  • Challenging pupils with complex legal problems in order to enhance their reasoning and critical observations, as well as developing their ability to explain difficult concepts in a considered, and effective manner;
  • Formulating cogent and sustained arguments;
  • Preparing pupils for the LNAT;
  • Discussing current affairs;
  • Preparing pupils for interview (if required); and
  • Engaging pupils with co-curricular activities, recommended reading lists and advice on their personal statements.

Mr. Bennett and Mr. Tapper-Gray work alongside law firms and alumni from the Foundation who work within the legal sector in order to create work experience opportunities for pupils who wish to explore this option.

Foundation Medical Professionals Pathway

Medicine, Dentistry and other Healthcare courses are some of the most notoriously selective and competitive subjects for which you can apply to study at university. Entry requirements vary depending on the institution and the subject of study but most fall within a range from A*A*A to ABB. With such practical subjects, prospective students must show university admissions tutors that they have a thorough and realistic understanding of what each course, and related career, involves.

The Foundation Medical Professionals Pathway aims to offer pupils a range of opportunities to best prepare for this daunting admissions process. All pupils applying to study Medicine or Dentistry will need to sit at least one entrance exam from the UCAT or BMAT, depending on the universities to which they are applying. Preparation for these tests takes the form of three sessions per half-term with Miss Yeldham, the coordinator of the Medicine and Health Professional Pathway, followed by weekly practice in the Summer term and culminating in a UCAT preparation day, joint with King’s High School, run by The Medic Portal and organised by the Warwick School Careers department.

Pupils will also be invited to attend the Foundation’s medical society, designed as a forum for students to discuss relevant literature and current healthcare-related issues. Pupils will also be invited to take part in the following:

  • Personal statement masterclasses;
  • MMI interview practice sessions;
  • Traditional panel interview practice sessions;
  • The Warwick School Speed Interview Evening organised and run by the Careers department at Warwick School;
  • Networking events with alumni from across the Foundation organised by Miss Yeldham and Mr Tapper-Gray; and
  • Seminars, lectures and workshops run by alumni and individuals in the healthcare industry.

Global Universities Pathway

Run by Dr James Mills, who has specific expertise in applying to international universities, pupils are encouraged to explore the opportunities of study abroad through global universities information evening and fair, together with support and advice throughout the application process.

Assessment and Interviews Pathway

Given the importance of achieving highly in entrance examinations for aspirational universities, Warwick School and King’s High School are also collaborating on a programme designed to provide our pupils with the best opportunity for success. The entrance test requirements of individual pupils are thus taken into account when deciding which pathway will suit them best. Each pathway is led by a specialist teacher who will support their cohort throughout the whole of the application process.

Higher Education Application Support

All members of Year 12 are supported through the UCAS application process by a series of events and individual meetings. The Higher Education Evening introduces pupils to the process and this is followed by a UCAS Application Day and university target interviews with tutors to discuss aspirations and help choose the right course for each pupil. For those not wishing to apply to university, further support is provided to explore employment or studying opportunities beyond the Sixth Form.